Work in progress

The state of the union has improved. For two nights, I’ve been extricated from the girl’s room. I’m pleased that Roxy stepped up to help, but Jess wasn’t buying her as a substitution, so Roxy was relieved from the night shift.

One of the problems with Jess getting up at night is she runs through the house. Sometimes pit stopping at the refrigerator (I know because she’d leave the door open) and I would find her sleeping on the couch.  

One thing I know for sure is when you don’t feel well, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you want your mommy. I’m convinced that this is why Jess has demanded me to be with her.

I’ve explained to Jess that I will help her when she needs me, but I will be in my room from now on. She was not particularly pleased with this decision. 

For peace of mind, we battened down the hatches. Husband made a special lock for the bi-fold door so Jess could not roam the house. We also locked all the doors except hers and the bathroom. Around 2 a.m., Jess was up. I heard her go back and forth between our room and the bi-fold door.  I called out, “I’m here but only YOU can take yourself to the bathroom”. Oh my,  I’m sounding like Smokey the Bear…  A few minutes later, all was quiet and we all went back to sleep.

When we opened our bedroom door this morning, we half expected to find Jess sleeping on the other side, on the floor. Nope, she was in her bed and greeted me with a huge smile. Upon further inspection, apparently, Jess listened to me because she had performed her morning constitutional.

Obviously, this is a work in progress. As I’ve said before, once the digestive tract is derailed, it takes weeks to get the system humming along. Once the colon gets impacted it is not typical constipation, it’s a whole other level.  

The other thing I had to change was our laundry detergent. Had bought another brand when I couldn’t find our green detergent. What was I thinking? I bought Gain. Didn’t realize how itchy I was since we switched. After washing EVERYTHING, Jess seems to be more comfortable too.

At breakfast, Jess was her chatty self. This is a good sign.

Today I’m going to look for some reading material to keep in the bathroom for her. I’m afraid, it’s going to take a lot of time to rectify this situation…sigh…

In summary…when she feels good, there’s less drama and more sleep = happy Mom

Roxy was happy to return to her chair and do what doggies do.

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