When a boy calls…

IMG_9056He’s been trying for some time to reach her. Private messaging had not been successful, so he had to find  another way.

Cody didn’t have her number, but he found mine on his Mom’s iPad.  When I answered the phone, I knew it wasn’t meant for me.  Jess did not play it cool, but giggled with glee.  Exciting to have a boy call her for the first time!

They have been corresponding by mail. I don’t recall when it started, but it began by his sending her a holiday card with photos and little gifts. She replied in kind.

For the most part, their communication has been supported by the Moms. Two years ago, we met at a dinner for Angelman parents at a Closing the Gap conference. I never dreamed that Jess would make a new friend in the process. We don’t know many Angelman families so this is rather special for us.

Cody’s Mom* thinks his calling is random, but I beg to differ. If this happened once, or maybe twice, I could be a happy coincidence. Just like Jess, if he sees an unlocked device, he will use it. He has PM’d us nearly half a dozen times and this is the third time he has used Facetime. His efforts are purposeful.

When Cody and Jess said good-bye, I realized she didn’t know how to use this feature.  I then added four people to her address book; myself, her father, Cody and her therapist. Don’t we all need a therapist? lol… actually, she wears two hats because she is a friend and they have a lot to talk about.

IMG_9074 I tried to show Jess how to access Facetime, but she didn’t want my help.  She preferred to figure it out herself. The first FT call was to her Dad. The day is getting close where I will fade out of her social life.  She will not need me and that is how it should be.

*Claire, you made the photo. Next time they speak, we will get another pic of the two of them 🙂  Thank you for being a willing partner fostering communication!  Cody has been a wonderful pen-pal.  Someday they shall meet!

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