We have a deer problem

The bank always has lollipops!

Oh Dear, we have a deer problem. We enjoy them when they walk through the yard and when they stop to pose as lawn ornaments, but deer consider Hosta salad and flowers are a delicacy. Even though I spray the plants to prevent the munchies, sometimes, after a good rain, it’s not enough. Out of desperation, will try an old fashioned remedy, but need to go to the market first.

Before we could leave, I told Jess the house needed to be tidied.  I stepped out of the room for two seconds and upon return, I found Jess vacuuming. Will wonders never cease! All these years modeling language, it never occurred to me that I needed to spend as many hours modeling house chores. She watches me like a hawk.

Lollipops at the bank.

Today we are women on a mission. First to the market to pick up a few bars of Irish Spring soap, then to the bank and the last stop was to drop off a birthday gift to one of my muses.

As soon as we returned home, I started on the deer project. I wrapped pieces of soap in fabric, stapled it to a paint stir stick and then staked it next to the Hosta. Now we wait.

Happy Hosta

It was now lunch time. Jess asked for the leftover Greek salad and got the makings out for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich too. Of course, when we were out, she asked to go to Burger King, Pizza or Wendy’s, but sometimes, I have to say no.

Deer damage

Deer deterrent, soap on a stick.

For myself, I made Libby’s panini (ham, cheese, banana peppers with a schmear of Dijon mustard). I sliced the cheese on the cutting board, assembled the sandwich and put it on the grill. My mouth was watering. As I took my first bite, something was not right. It smelled strangely like Irish Spring?  I thought for sure that I had washed the knife and cutting board before making my panini? The second bite, it was obvious that one of the two was contaminated. All I can say is that I hope the deer will find the smell and the taste of Irish Spring as unpleasant as I did. 

I have to say, I was surprised to find Irish Sring soap at the market. It is so pungent, I can’t imagine anyone using it as a body wash. It is very repellant. Crossings fingers the deer agree.

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