The sleep sagas

Oh what a beautiful morning, 

Oh what a beautiful day,

I got a full night of sleep,

and it looks like it will snow all day.

IIf your sleep has been disturbed for a couple of months, you’d break into song too.

Inspiration struck when I wasn’t even looking and the answer was right in front of me the whole time.  After watching a video of a therapy dog in action, I turned to Roxy and said   “I could use your services”.

Roxy already plays a support role.  She’s been an integral part of Jessie’s social network and watches over her like a good sister, but now I’m seeing that there are other ways she can help.

Before we adopted Roxy, we considered several different breeds. Mama would have loved a dog that didn’t shed. Goldendoodles are sweet as could be, but we were downsizing from Golden Retrievers and I couldn’t justify spending $2,500 on a designer mutt.  Besides, there’s an abundance of rescue dogs and certainly we could find one that would fit our family.  To make a long story short, Roxy wasn’t what I was looking for.  She was a white-girl, an English Pointer mix, and I wanted a smaller, black & white, Boston Terrier.  When Roxy saw us, she jumped up and down like Donkey in Shrek saying “pick me, pick me”.   She had the I-want-to-please personality and immediately sat in Jessie’s lap and kissed her, which made it a done deal.

Jess is still insisting, DEMANDING that I stay with her when she goes to bed.  Last night I asked her if she would like Roxy to stay with her instead?  Both Jess and Roxy gave me a watcha talkin’ bout look.

As anxious as Jess has been about sleeping alone, Roxy was feeling the same way about changing her routine.  Since this was new to both of them, I was needed to chaperone.

It occurred to me that this was Jessie’s first girl’s sleep over!  There was lots of giggling and wiggling and stories told.  For a moment, I feared this wasn’t going to work, but eventually they settled down and drifted off to sleep.  I made my way back to my room and everyone slept happily ever after. 

The next morning, we woke to kitties in the bed and snow on the ground.  Jess had a lot to talk about over breakfast!  Hopefully, this new arrangement will resolve everyone’s problems… crossing my fingers and praying to God it does.

4 thoughts on “The sleep sagas

    • let’s hope so… I’m sure she doesn’t feel 100% and that the NJ Turnpike is backed up (meaning she’s constipated) poor thing… takes a long time to recover when systems stop working efficiently.
      B U T… this mama needs a break and Roxy is full of energy… I’m getting too old for this!

  1. Firstly, let me thank you for the cutest card I have ever received!!! I carry it around with me, so I can show everyone. I will always think of you, my girls, when I see a honu!!
    I miss you both a lot.

    I relate so much; constipation is awful. I call it “trash on the fence”!
    I think you may have found the solution..bless you , Roxy! (By the way, she is a beauty)
    Love you and miss you a LOT!
    XOXOXO Aunty Jody

    • Mahalo Jody,
      Seeing the turtles and being up close and personal with them was one of the highlights of our visit!
      We were so excited when you showed us where to find them at Ho’okipa!
      Jess could very much use her Aunties now…

      Very happy to see you here! I will tell Jessie you said hello 🙂
      Love M

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