The Ringers

Rhea, Jessie and Nicole

The best parties look effortless. When every aspect of the event has been thought out, guests feel comfortable. If you’ve ever gone to a bat mitzvah, or sweet 16 party and they have music, no doubt they will have dancers. I call them Ringers. These Ringers make sure everyone is on their feet and they keep the party moving.

We are so fortunate that Jess gets to attend dances like these once a month. Tonight she met two new Ringers, Nicole and Rhea. Jess relies on first impressions. When they greeted her at the door with a smile, this set the tone for the evening. As I left, I knew Jess was going to have a fun evening.

We are grateful to all the many volunteers who give up their time on a Friday night so they can make a difference in someone else’s life. For this parent, this is a big deal and we thank you! 

Jess has been going to this dance for a few years now. It’s taken her that long to get comfortable. The music is loud, there’s a lot of activity, as well as, new people to meet. These social situations are good for her. Besides, she doesn’t want to hang with her parents all the time.

PS- Debra and Hope, a pleasure to get to talk to you tonight! This is a nice start to our weekend! Thank you!



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