The Morning Dilemma

Ryan is sitting to the right of her. She didn’t want me to post his photo. I got the Oh Mother look when I asked…

It’s cold. To be correct, it’s colder than it has been. Jess waited outside for her ride only to learn that it was going to be late. When the van finally arrived, she had a choice where to sit. Before entering, Jess braced herself at the door. The brisk wind blowing through us made me impatient. I thought she was thinking about how to navigate the narrow walkway but realized the delay was because she wasn’t sure who she wanted to sit next to.

The back of the van has the best view and that is where Ryan was. I told Matt and James that this was not an easy decision for her and that she was lucky to spend the day with them. Matt is pretty quiet. James is the most chatty and always reminds Jess when she needs cash to spend. Alex was to be picked up next. Jess enjoys being with all the boys. It’s fun watching her navigate socially. Jess has always had boy-friends but as she’s gotten older, it’s a bit different. I know who she’s crushing on. She blushes when I talk about it… it’s okay Jess, you can tell your secrets when you are ready.

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