Starting in the middle


Our story is going to start somewhere in the middle.

This is briefly our story as to how we got to this point:  Every year, it was the same thing. September meant a new teacher. At parent’s night, the teacher would look at us like a deer in headlights. She’d have a glazed look in her eyes when we shared stories of how clever our daughter was.  We warned her about being manipulated and asked that she not help her too much.  I think teachers felt we had unrealistic expectations for a child that had seizures, was highly distractible and had poor fine & gross motor skills. Pretty much, everything was difficult for her. They saw the package, but they didn’t understand the child.

School used what I call a drill system (for lack of remembering the correct terminology).   If the child is requested to repeat something like sorting colors, they have to do it correctly 10x before they can move on. Well, Jess did it correct the first two and then shut down. The teacher would then say she didn’t understand. Jess would do these things on her own, but would not perform for anyone. My gut told me it was too simple, but at the same time, I knew a seizure would disrupt her train of thought. Unfortunately, if she didn’t have a foundation, we had nothing to build from. Continue reading