Solving mysteries

IMG_2737For the most part, we have been able to solve the mysteries that make Jess, Jessie.

When she was only a few weeks old, I discovered an inguinal hernia. I didn’t even know what a hernia was, but somehow, I was able to diagnose correctly.

Later on, we saw what could be a seizure and I told her neurologist. To the trained eye, Jess was obviously neurologically impaired, so this would not have been unexpected, yet this doctor tsk-tsked me. Not until we had a full blown event did the doctor listen.

After reading an article how a person presents when valporic acid levels are high, I asked the doctor if Jess was experiencing this side effect from the Depakote? Again, the doctor dismissed me. Shortly after that encounter, we changed neurologists. The new doctor ran a three-day EEG. The first thing I was told was Jess’s valporic acid levels were extremely high. (To clarify, we had blood levels checked every three-months, but apparently no one read the results.) Continue reading