This ain’t no Chevy Van and that’s alright with me!


The MV1 is built for accessibility! And just look at those cool 20″ wheels!

Sometimes want and need aren’t the same thing. Who am I kidding, they rarely go hand in hand. To get around, Jess doesn’t need a van. A  four-door car meets her needs, however, my brother just bought a new vehicle and I am experiencing car envy. This is not your 70’s van, but a slick looking accessible monster of a truck. I mean this in a good way. I teased my niece that she now has the nicest ride in the family!

This all started when my brother took their 15 year old van in to have the lift upgraded, a $500 fix, and ended up coming home with a brand new ride.  In his defense, he had been kicking tires for awhile. He wasn’t exactly sure what he’d replace the van with, but like me, he knows it when he sees it. Continue reading