Salvage the old, make it new!

IMG_1041As far as I’m concerned, quilting is a winter sport. When it’s warm and sunny, one should be outside, not in. Unfortunately, I lost sewing time because my machine needed service.  By the time I picked it up, I had lost my momentum and was not in the mood to sew. The downside to my actions, or lack there of, is I have a backlog of work that didn’t get finished.

At one time, quilting was about using what you have, and no scrap would go to waste. Now a days, if you go into a quilt shop, material is organized by color, theme and  there are families of fabrics that are meant to work together. No longer are we sewing out of necessity, but for pleasure. It seems that we pay for that privilege, fabric is expensive!

Making quilts for baby, birthday and wedding gifts has been very rewarding, but after quilting for nearly ten years, I have an abundance of remnant material. I’ve vowed not to purchase any more till I’ve used my scraps. Most likely, I will buy some to tie it all together, but I’m not going to get suckered into purchasing. Pretty fabric to a quilter is like crack, it’s hard to say no!  I have found ways to justify a purchase, to add to my stash. but now I’m trying to put an end to this madness.

This morning, I went to see what stage my last project was left in. To my delight, the quilting had been completed, I just had to square it up and sew the binding. This project started with an old comforter that had been a hand-me-down. It had been washed a few too many times and was lumpy.  With a little work, this could be saved. It isn’t the material I am in love with, but the story.  I adore the woman that gave it to us and this is what makes it so special. Besides, it’s yellow and Jess LOVES yellow!

Whenever someone says “all you have to do…” it usually means it isn’t a simple fix as the statement leads you to believe.  In this case, I had to carefully cut the seams and separate the fabric from the batting, then it was ready to be prepped to be turned into a quilt. Because this is a larger piece than I typically work with and because it was older fabric, I really didn’t want to do an elaborate finishing design. Chose to secure it with parallel, wavy lines.

Looking in my stash for material that could be used for binding the edges proved fruitless. Either I had the wrong color, or it was too strong of a color for this piece. Decided to retrieve the scraps out of the garbage and use the material that was part of the original comforter.  Some of the material had been damaged and there was a piece that had a stain that needed to be cut out.  As I was sewing the binding on, I realized that I was going to be short. Typically, I would calculate how long a piece I needed to do this job, but figured I had enough, wrong.  Back to my stash, I found a tiny bit of binding that had been used on another project. In true quilting fashion, I used this piece to complete.  It may not match, but it works and has a story. Typically, I would finish the binding by hand, but decided to use the machine instead.

The end result is not perfect.  There are a few places where the material buckled. Overall, I’m pleased.

When I put it on the bed, I found Layla kitty had curled up on the pillow.

she looks like an angel doesn’t she?

When I walked into my room, I found Manny curled up on the bed.

he looks annoyed, doesn’t he?

We have one more cat and sure enough, Em kitty was relaxing on the guest bed. Apparently they have been reading the story about Goldilocks. Shhh, don’t tell my husband, cats aren’t allowed in this part of the house.

she looks just right!



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