Review: mini iPad cases

I like how the label “This iPad is my Voice” is readable to people that see her using her Talker” Gives them time to process.

This is our Goldilocks story regarding protective iPad cases, except our story, has a happy ending.

Over the years, Jess has used several different cases for her Talker.

The iAdapter case looks industrial is built like a tank and is heavy.  It had a built-in stand and carrying strap, as well as, a built-in speaker which is helpful in loud classrooms.  Within a year, the carrying strap broke where it attached to the case. I will say their Customer service was excellent, but this case was too bulky and too expensive, and Jess needed the carry strap (helps prevent being left behind).

The Lifeproof case was more affordable and sturdy, however, it had a crappy carrying strap that either unthreaded or broke. Didn’t last. Note, there’s nothing wrong with the case itself, it just didn’t suit our purposes.

Out of desperation, I sewed a bag that enveloped the Lifeproof case. Jess needed to be able to carry her device. Wearing it prevents her from leaving it behind 99% of the time. (Yes, I repeated myself for emphasis.) This worked “okay” but was not a long-term solution.

We now have an Otterbox. First, I bought the carrying strap directly through the company, which we used with the Lifeproof case. I quickly realized we needed the Otterbox case for the carrying straps to hold on securely (the Otterbox is designed so the straps don’t slip off). The utility straps have a pouch. When attached a certain way, it doubles as a stand.

When considering the carrying strap for her Talker, I spoke with Otterbox directly. They have excellent customer service. The main office is in Colorado. Apparently, they have Otters!* Not sure if they help with the product testing but they sure are cute. I want one!

Upon realizing we needed the case, again I called the company. They only had black cases and have discontinued the colors (argh). They suggested I try Amazon. Sure enough, Amazon had a purple case and it was priced well.

Last night, the husband set up Jess’s new purple case (we prefer a color over black because it stands out and is easier to find). Jess’s Talker is labeled “This iPad is my voice…if found please return to…” 

As soon as Jess saw her new purple pad, she said “mine!”

The end

*the Otters are only 90 minutes north of Castle Rock. Might need to add this to the     “sites to see list” when I visit west.

2 thoughts on “Review: mini iPad cases

    • No, the Otterbox does not have amplification. While we needed this when she was in school (the AMDI is the only case that I’m aware of that has this option). Some people add blue tooth but found this to be too cumbersome. Our biggest concern was making it easy for her to carry with her so it did get put down and left, thus the strap.

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