Release the ya-ya’s

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

After being housebound for a few days due to the snow, we had to escape. Husband was under the weather and us girls needed to move.

The problem with the colder months is simple, Jess doesn’t like it. She was born a southern California girl and is definitely a flower child.

The downside to being anti-cold is it means she slows down this time of year and that effects her morning constitutional. Mall walking seems to solve our dilemma and it’s also our go-to place to expend energy. When the footing outside is bad and the wind is up, this is a hospitable place to be. There are other advantages; walking before the Mall opens means there are no crowds, window shopping is good and it’s free.

She tells me where she wants to go.

Jess has two speeds, stop and go. We don’t walk the Mall, we run.  In fact, we have a land speed record there. Not to brag, but we also hold the land speed record at the Baltimore Aquarium. One day we’ll go back and look at the fishes. I’m pretty sure she didn’t notice them the first time.

In a half hour, we can do two laps on the upper level and two on the lower. The other mall walkers are very encouraging and don’t mind when Jess passes them with unbridled enthusiasm.  Running for her is liberating and she is deceivingly fast.

On her wish list

By the end of our “walk”, Jess was ready to talk. She told me what she wanted at the market and then asked about discounts, I knew she had been listening to me when I told her earlier that apples were on sale and that we’d make more applesauce.

Once the ya-ya’s were released, we leisurely ran our errands, made it home before the crowds and all was well with the world.

The mother ship…Jess takes her AAC iPad everywhere

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