Rainy days and Roxy

It’s raining today. I’m probably the only person in NJ that is loving this weather. Why? Because we just planted a new perennial garden and moved some shrubs. This deep, slow rain will help establish their roots before the heat of the summer. The rain also means Jess and I can have a day off. Apparently, our resident deer Abbie is staying out of the weather too.

Rainy days are good for resting but they are also great for making plans, especially with our Talkers. Jess asked for new sneakers. She’s been taking her shoes off as soon as she gets home, a sure sign that they are no longer comfortable. She also asked to go to the movies.  Today she will get to do everything that she asked for. Jess doesn’t always get her way but being a rainy day and all, anything can happen.

While we were talking, Roxy ran into the room and sat at my feet. Her ears were perked and her butt was wiggling. This is the sign for “would you let me out please”.  She is always polite. The rain is at a steady drizzle now, so I was surprised she wanted to go out.

No sooner had I opened the door, Roxy bolted towards the tallest tree.

“My dog is so fast.”

“How fast is she?”

“She’s so fast, she caught a squirrel!”

Dogs chase squirrels but I’ve never had a dog ever catch one. Both Roxy and squirrel were surprised. Squirrel was fast but not as fast as Roxy today. Roxy grabbed him, then relaxed her jaw which was all Squirrel need to slip away. He was momentarily dazed yet managed to run up the tree in a circular pattern staying just out of the dog’s reach. For Roxy, the thrill is in the chase, not the kill.

For months, Roxy has been taunted by this squirrel. She stands at the window, resting her paws on the sill, watching him feast at the bird feeder. Litle did I know she was formulating a plan…”If I could just run fast enough, I bet I could catch that varmint!”

What’s the lesson for Jessie in all this? Nothing is impossible if you keep practicing, keep trying you can succeed.  

Yes, rainy days are good, anything can happen.

Till next time.

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