New year, let go of the old

There’s a trick to re-arranging furniture. The room needs to be emptied so you can have a blank slate. You can’t visualize a different floor plan when the old one is still in place. This allows you to have a fresh perspective.

I’m applying this concept to a few things. It’s time to revamp.

All these years, I’ve set time aside to model, or I have practiced on my own while Jess was in earshot. I’m realizing I should be using the talker all the time when speaking with her (Instead of checking the history to see her usage, I’ll be using the history feature to make sure my modeling time increases). Not convenient but it does put Jess and me on equal footing. She isn’t getting much support for her device outside the home (that’s the one downside to aging out of school) and she doesn’t have anyone in her social circle that uses a Talker either. Jess prefers to be succinct. The outside world isn’t going to take the time to follow her flow of thinking, so she needs to expand her thoughts and the only way to do that use her Talker.

This isn’t the only change for this New Year. I’ve fallen into the trap of taking the path of least resistance. It’s easier to do things myself and it’s more work asking Jess to help, or anyone for that matter. Even though I have, I don’t like making a career out of housework.  I like to get the jobs done quickly.  We’ve watched enough movies where the rich girls suddenly have to provide for themselves. It’s time for life to imitate art. Jess can do more for herself than I’ve let her. I’m sure this is a control thing but this post isn’t about me…lol

I’ve been witnessing Jess attempt things that had made her self-conscience. Up until recently, she’s needed a lot of cajoling. It probably doesn’t help to realize the words I say the most have been, “hurry up, let’s go, now, schnell’. Instead, I should be saying, “you can do this, I’ll wait, thank you for helping”!  

On New Year’s Day, we were watching the Mummer’s Parade. Some of the participants were well choreographed, however, the ones that looked like a group of friend’s (or should I say drunks) running around being silly were the ones who caught Jess’s attention. Maybe it’s because they made it look easy, or maybe because they were willing to make fools of themselves (I say that with love), it was enough to make Jess attempt to follow their dance moves. This is huge! Girl, if you can dance, then it’s not a stretch to ask you to make a bed!. It’s time for me to pass the baton. I’ve cleared the room, you are in control, you can do this!


*this has been implemented these last few days as has been successful!

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