Modeling exposes secrets

Just like her father, Jess only feels chatty when she has something to say. In order to get her to spill the beans, you have to know how to prime the pump.

This morning on the porch while she was waiting for her ride, I peppered her with questions on my Talker.

“What are you thinking about?”

“a secret”

pause…”Are you thinking about a boy?”

“no, two”

“What do you like about them?”


I’m aware who Jess fancies and was made privy some time ago. Jess prefers the company of boys that enjoy talking to her. Who doesn’t?  I imagine that when she enters a room, she’s received like Norm at Cheers. The boys have a way of making her feel special and let’s face it, I’m far less amusing.

We talked some more before her ride arrived. I knew she was going to have a good day. Hopefully, she will share more upon return.  Who knew that modeling would pry information out of her? Hmm…maybe it will work on the husband too!

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