Mama’s got a brand new bag!

On Friday, when Jess returned home, she greeted me by holding her Talker like it was a dangling fish on a line. The strap had broken. As much as I love the iPad, I hate the cases available to us. Every AAC device we’ve had has had the same issue, they break where the strap attaches to the case. Unfortunately, this problem needed to be resolved quickly or Jess would be without a voice.

It’s important for her to be able to wear her Talker. This allows hands to be free, as well as, immediate access to the iPad. The carrying strap is my insurance that she won’t lay her Talker down and forget it like it was a set of keys. This doesn’t mean Jess hasn’t taken her Talker off from time to time (I highly suggest setting up the Find Phone app) but since she started wearing it, I have yet to find the Talker in her backpack after being out for the day.

The iAdapter was her first case. At the time, it was the Cadillac of cases. It had a stand, built in speakers, a carrying strap and appeared to be robust if dropped. The downside is it’s bulky, expensive and it too has strap attachment issues.

When the iAdapter warranty ended, I was tempted to get another one, but just like an old boyfriend, you remember why you broke up. We chose the Otterbox instead. This case has proven to be robust, but let’s just say the strappy is crappy.. I don’t believe that the carrying straps were meant for such heavy use, thus the design is less than desired. My best guess is that most people either hold their iPads in their hands, or it’s put in a bag until needed

I have no issue with the Otterbox case itself, but I must figure out how to adapt a new carrying strap. My best solution was to sew something. There is a company that makes bags, but I see a major flaw in their design and we couldn’t wait. Sometimes knowing what you don’t want is just as important as knowing what you do. I knew I could build a better mousetrap.

Initially, I thought I could rework a bag we already had and be done with it but quickly realized that new construction is much easier to manipulate than old construction. I scrapped this idea and began from scratch. 

Now that the first prototype is complete, I know how I can streamline the process and produce a slicker looking product. 

Who knows, maybe Jess will want to embellish her own bag? Instead of wearing a boring iPad, she can now make a fashion statement!  

Post title inspired by James Brown

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