Humor: it’s the Get-out-of-jail card

Yesterday, Jessie asked for ice cream. It was in the kitchen freezer in a yellow Shop-rite shopping bag. I thought if it was camoflauged she wouldn’t notice it when getting herself ice for water (which she does several times a day). I fooled no one. After getting permission, she quietly put the carten into her backpack. Was this for delayed gratification? Did she want to eat the ice cream later? I know she covets certain foods and will hold on to an apple, cookie and even M&M’s. It pleases her knowing it’s secretly in her possession. As I took the carton out of her backpack and helped her fix a bowl, I told her “ice cream waits for no one”.
I’m sure the snacking rules in our house encourage the sneaky behavior. We walk a fine line. As far as Jess is concerned, she won’t get in trouble if Mom doesn’t find out. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a governor when it comes to food. In all fairness, we are all are trying to be mindful of what we eat. Believe me, there are reasons for these rules:
Mom’s log…March 13, 2017
If you were at our house this afternoon, you would have heard this:
Me yelling…”Sure Mom’s cornbread is yummy, but if you are going to take it out of the fridge and proceed to eat it all, you’re gonna get in trouble.”
still yelling…”Yes, I’m mad. I’m mad. I’m mad. Just go. I don’t want you in the kitchen.”
A few minutes later, I found Jess in her room, wearing her St. Patty’s hat and these were the words on her Talker.

Oh, my goodness… using humor to get out of trouble?


Wee trouble?  No, you were in big trouble, 

Now, not so much because you made me laugh.

This is one of the main reasons I like having a high-tech AAC device. If she pointed to the words, no one would have seen them.  Even if Jess had cleared her words, I would have seen it in the history.

In all fairness, I don’t believe Jess witnesses ice cream melting. It just doesn’t last that long. Thank goodness she has learned how to use humor. It will take her far.

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