Her Secret Life…

Usually, Jess rides shotgun. Even though she has no problem getting into other people’s personal space, she has a thing about her own and can get pushy, so she sits up front.

Today, when Jess returned, I was surprised to see she was riding in the back of the van.  As soon as I peeked in, I knew why. She was sitting next to Ryan.

Ryan is one of her favorite boy friends. He likes talking to her and she enjoys listening. At the mere mention of his name, she giggles. It’s important to be with people that “get” you and you don’t have to explain yourself. (darn, I should have taken their picture, next time)

It was obvious Jess had a good day. She tells me a little bit on her Talker, but most of the time she keeps me guessing and doesn’t share many details, thus her secret life.

Tonight there’s a dance in Princeton. Any moment, she will want to get ready. I wonder what dress she will choose? I think she wants to wear her Witches hat. It goes with everything! The hat is the only part of Halloween she cares about. Long ago are the days of running from house to house filling her bag with candy.

The gym floors were just refinished. They said “no spiky heels”. Not a problem, she’s a sneaker kind of girl but socks will do too. I’d call it a sock hop but she can’t hop.

Sometimes Jess dances. Sometimes I find her sitting on the side watching. She likes to hang out with the adults while she observes. This isn’t for lack of confidence, she’s been known to walk up to the boys and pull them onto the floor. She’ll do her signature moves, “the goal” and the “bop” and then leave them hanging.

At the end of the night, as soon as she sees me, she runs the other way. She wants to stay and doesn’t want the night to end. 

Dance night is date night for us. Most of the time, we are a party of three, however, this is the one night out of the month we are left to our own devices. It’s not enough time to see a movie and too much time for a leisurely dinner, but we are not complaining.

Jess attends a day program and they are always on the go. It balances out this mom who isn’t that much fun anymore. Outside of church and these monthly dances, there’s not a lot of things for Jess to do.

Even though she rarely appears to be lonely, she does get bored. I wish she had a friend to hang out with…sigh…

This isn’t to say Jess doesn’t have a best friend. Roxy is devoted. They enjoy watching movies together. One of Jess’s chores is to feed Roxy and sometimes shares her meals with her too. 

It’s time to get a move on. Time for you know who to get pretty.

All for now.

4 thoughts on “Her Secret Life…

  1. This made me smile remembering how much Shayne loved the ladies and that I didn’t even know he could dance until I came in time to see it for myself once. My heart was briefly broken when he wouldn’t dance with me. I got over it because I realized that it was a part of his life that was outside my “motherly” world.
    Again, thank you for sharing and I hope you enjoyed your time as much as Jess enjoyed hers ❤️

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