Headed to Closing the Gap!

Bags are packed, cat not included

Bags are packed, cat not included

Rarely do I get to travel. In this case, everything fell into place making it easy for me to get out of Dodge. At the butt crack of dawn tomorrow, I’m headed to the county airport to fly to Minneapolis for the Closing the Gap conference! They say this is the BEST conference to attend for assistive technology.

If this isn’t exciting enough, I will be traveling with Heidi, co-creator of Speak for Yourself and will be assisting her at her booth! Hopefully I will be able to step away here and there to attend a few seminars.

One of the benefits of leaving home is that I’m much more appreciated upon return, however this time, the cherry on top is I will be meeting for the first time other Angelman Syndrome parents, as well as specialists who have specialized in AAC in conjunction with AS. These people are “rock stars” to me and I would have been lost without their help. All I can say is I can barely contain myself, Christmas is coming early!

Hopefully will be blogging while away. At least that’s the plan, but you know what they say the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”

Ta ta for now!


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