Guy Harvey’s Grill & Grog review

For the life of me, I can’t read a menu. Every time I go to a restaurant, I always prefer what other people had chosen. The problem is I order food I like and end up being disappointed because it never meets my expectations. Now I know why my Mother ordered last. It wasn’t because she couldn’t make a decision but rather she couldn’t read a menu either.

To prevent disappointment, now I nonchalantly ask my husband what he is having. Typically, he vacillates between two dishes, and I order his second choice. So far, this has been working.

Recently while on vacation, we had a few meals that were planned for us, but mainly we dined out. Breakfast is easy. It’s difficult to mess that up and it’s usually nothing to write about, however, I found the Guy Harvey’s Grill & Grog to be the exception to the rule. Hotel food tends to be expensive and boring yet this wasn’t the case either.

Husband and Jess ordered pancakes and I ordered their California Hash (I think that is what it was called). It was love at first bite. Every mouthful burst with flavor. Even their coffee was good.

Our waitress Hannah and Chef Rick make a good team at the Grill & Grog. Courtesy Mary Kay

The following day, I ordered Eggs Benedict. I asked them to serve it over hash browns and chose a side of greens to go with it. The salad was just as yummy as the main meal. Chef Nick makes his own vinaigrette. It had an Italian spin and my guess is he used fresh herbs and chose fresh lime instead of vinegar. The portions were not too small, nor too big but just right. Consistency is what every great restaurant strives for and the Grill & Grog delivered this with flavor and good value.

The first person we spoke to in the morning was our waitress Hannah. She has an easy smile and knows how to handle a crowd. Our last morning there, she had over 20 walk-ins without a reservation. Who does that? Don’t they know to forewarn the kitchen? Whenever you have a large party, it’s considerate to call ahead. Not only will it help the staff prepare for your group but it means the other patrons won’t get shortchanged. If this phased Hannah, she didn’t let it show, however, after they left, she did sit with us a moment to catch her breath.  Hannah had served us three times over our stay and was beginning to feel like family. 

As for the hotel itself, it is a work in progress. I love the finishes they chose for the restaurant and lobby areas and their beach location and access can’t be beat. The common areas are decorated with Guy Harvey’s photos and paintings. The hotel had just recently (I mean within days) been renovated and there were a couple of lingering projects. The only real complaint I have was they chose to power wash the pool area while we were seeking peace and quiet (two days in a row). I do appreciate their effort towards cleanliness, however, they could have done this the day we arrived when it was off and on raining and no one was at the pool.

The staff at the hotel was especially pleasant and we wouldn’t hesitate to stay there again and I hope to do so before Chef Rick moves on to a bigger restaurant.

This morning I loosely recreated the Eggs Benedict, substituting an over easy for the poached egg (because I only needed to make one egg and I’m lazy). Tonight, for Father’s Day, I’m complimenting our meal with a green salad featuring the lime vinaigrette (added avocado, yum). Most people go out to eat because they enjoy it. For me, it’s either out of necessity or to be inspired. Thank you, Chef Rick for encouraging me to get out of my cooking rut and Hannah for starting our day off right!

PS- This hotel met Jess’s needs and I can highly recommend it to other families. The prices were reasonable. We loved the large pool and the easy beach access. The ocean had a long, shallow entry. Swimming, food, and family were the highlights of our trip.

2 thoughts on “Guy Harvey’s Grill & Grog review

  1. Awhhh this made me tear up 🤧 You guys were an absolute pleasure for me to take care of every morning I had you! I looked forward to seeing your beautiful family walk in the room and to see what conversation we could spark up! It’s not often I get guests who were as amazing, appreciative, knowledgeable and ESPECIALLY understanding as you guys and you remind me of why I love to do what I do! It warms my heart and makes my day to know that one person notices how much I love my job and care deeply about my guests no matter what chaos is happening around me because I take pride in how hard I try! And thank you so much for appreciating our chef Nick, people too often dont give recognition where it is deserved and you have no idea how much reading this meant to him! I’m looking forward to seeing your beautiful family again (hopefully soon 😁)! I’ll be there!! Thank you again! beautifully written by the way! 🤧

    • We don’t go on many vacations and you made our stay memorable.
      My cooking career started at the Sheraton Maui. When someone
      makes things look easy you know they put a lot of effort into it 🙂
      Be well!

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