When you hit a snag

IMG_2298Just walk away from the machine and nobody will get hurt. This is what I had to do this morning. For the life of me, I couldn’t get a proper stitch. Either the bobbin has too much tension or the top thread does. I broke two needles and bent a third. Typically, when a stitch goes bad, I re-thread and/or replace the bobbin. When this didn’t work, I pulled out the manual. When that didn’t work, I phoned a friend.

Now I’ve lost an hour.  Feeling stressed because this quilt needs to be completed by next week. All I can do is sit and wait for help. You’d never know that I’ve been sewing for 10 years. During times like this, I’ve found it best to set the project aside and turn my energy to something I couldn’t mess up like folding laundry and making beds. Continue reading

Salvage the old, make it new!

IMG_1041As far as I’m concerned, quilting is a winter sport. When it’s warm and sunny, one should be outside, not in. Unfortunately, I lost sewing time because my machine needed service.  By the time I picked it up, I had lost my momentum and was not in the mood to sew. The downside to my actions, or lack there of, is I have a backlog of work that didn’t get finished.

At one time, quilting was about using what you have, and no scrap would go to waste. Now a days, if you go into a quilt shop, material is organized by color, theme and  there are families of fabrics that are meant to work together. No longer are we sewing out of necessity, but for pleasure. It seems that we pay for that privilege, fabric is expensive! Continue reading

Binding: cutting bias strips

Once the quilting has finished, there is one more step to do before it’s finished, binding.

The hardest part to this is remembering how to lay the material out for cutting. It seems to be tradition now for me to watch this video! Gene and I go way back. No, I don’t know him personally, but I’ve watched this video for years to help me before I start cutting! Continue reading

Quilting; it’s a process

Love this sweet girl wrapped her her quilt!

Love this sweet girl wrapped  in  her quilt!

With regards to quilting, I am a walking contradiction. I love to quilt, but I hate to sew. Wait, this isn’t exactly so. I love quilts, I just don’t enjoy all it takes to make one.

When I enter a quilt store, I am visually bombarded with color and pattern. I find myself spinning in sensory overload. I have that “you had me at hello” feeling when I touch the material, then I’m smitten. Fabric is expensive. This doesn’t even factor in the time involved. If you are good, you measure twice and cut once. If you are timid, you measure at least ten times. When I first started sewing, it took me f o r e v e r to be brave enough to even make that first cut. Continue reading