Is life a game, or a box of chocolate?

IMG_0914Life isn’t fair, so get over it. I find myself thinking this more often than not. I’m so tired of hearing people lament about their lot in life. I’m sure some will think how can I possibly say this because we have been blessed in many ways. We live in a home with running water, a toilet (three in fact), heat, clothes in our closet and our pantry is full. Even our family is intact. By all accounts, we are the top 1% when compared to the world. I’m even more fortunate because I have a dog at my feet and a cat in my lap. Continue reading

Praying, it’s what I do

IMG_0914Over the years, we’ve had road blocks that forced us in another direction. Each time, prayer had been involved. Sometimes I received the answer I  thought I wanted, and sometimes I didn’t. Not everyone believes, yet when non-believers are in crisis, they ask me to pray for them. I never quite understood this. If you think I am crazy because my faith does not make logical sense to you, then why do you ask me to pray for you? They think I understand all tragedy because I have the greatest tragedy of all, my child is not “normal”. Yes, my daughter is significantly challenged, but this is “our” normal. Every special needs parent has had someone say “oh, I could never do what you do, or, you are such a special parent”. However when tragedy does strike their family, they suddenly “get it ”. They think they know how I feel. They figure who better to share their pain with than me. Apparently, I’m not not the first to witness this phenomenon. Continue reading

Prayer answered

Prayer is just amazing. I love when I witness God’s hand in answered prayer.

When I don't have an answer, I don't look down, I look up.

When I don’t have an answer, I don’t look down, I look up.

Last night I was feeling discouraged. Over a period of time, when I shared an opinion that had been shaped by experience, another parent would say “that is not so”.  I’m not going to argue with someone that doesn’t know me and I’m certainly not going to argue with someone who has not experienced what I have. What I find frustrating is when I sense that they are dominating and in turn, territorial.. Continue reading

The silver lining

the darker the cloud, the more spectacular the silver lining

the darker the cloud, the more spectacular the silver lining, These clouds were directly over my head, couldn’t be missed. Glory is all around us, we just need to raise our heads to find it.

My belief is that every cloud has a silver lining. The darker the cloud, the more spectacular the light can be. The rays of light are our sign that we indeed will get through the challenges that have been placed before us.