Brash confidence

As far as Jess is concerned, there are three things car rides are good for…getting from here to there, talking and waiving to boys. The first two are fine of course but I’m a little uncomfortable about Jessie waiving to people she doesn’t know.

I’ve seen this play before. When newly married, we were tooling down Interstate 505 in husband’s Supra. A young attractive woman, wearing a tank top, driving a red convertible, long, blonde curly hair flying in the wind, one hand on the wheel while waiving with the other at my husband. As she slowly passed, she gawked and mouthed “Hello”. Her brash confidence was comic like an old MTV video. She didn’t pay any mind that his passenger was another woman. After she sped off, I turned to husband and asked: “do you know her”?  He said matter-of-factly, “no but this happens all the time, it’s California”…

And here, now, my daughter is the confident, sassy girl. At least Jess’s actions are innocent and there’s no agenda. I’m not sure if it is the age or just a rite of passage that some people experience but she is feeling pretty good about herself. Other’s think this is amusing and say, “she’s a trip”.  Me, not so much.

A moment ago, Jess handed me her lip gloss. She wanted my help. Maybe she does have plans of her own? I’m afraid I’d better buckle my seatbelt. Blossoming self-awareness can be a bumpy road.

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