AAC Awareness, 365

Jess prefers to order for herself at restaurants

While traveling this weekend, we stopped at a Publix to pick up a few necessities. On our way out, a woman ran up to us, pointed to Jess’s iPad and asked, “ what is that?” For a split second, I thought she was just curious and then I realized, she knew it was an AAC device. Most people assume Jess’s iPad is for entertainment and they don’t realize it is her voice. 

Quickly, I gave her an overview::

  • Speak for Yourself can hold over 14,000 words and only has two layers.
  • Words are added as we use/need them.
  • Repeating a motor plan is how we remember where the words are.

Before the woman returned to work, I handed her Jess’s card. I wish I could have shared more.

This moment was a reminder that Jess needs to take her Talker everywhere.  AAC awareness is celebrated every October, however, in our house it is 365 days a year. You never know who you will meet and what a difference you can make.


3 thoughts on “AAC Awareness, 365

  1. I love that you have the card! A family stayed at the hotel where I’ve been working and I wasn’t sure what their daughter’s diagnosis was so I asked and they gave me her card. She has Rett Syndrome. I was so excited to see how they were spreading awareness!

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